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Just my family

My husband is an RN, he has full time employment making a barely living wage - and we live frugally. He drives 100 miles one way to get to work.
I was forced into early retirement years ago, tried to start several business but was hamstrung over and over by government regulations. Now I am trying to get the farm running, but it makes no income at all. It does not even provide any food yet, except eggs and chickens. I do not count as "unemployed."
My daughter is an attorney, about 6 years on the job now and was forced to cut back to 4 days a week. She is still considered "full time employed."
My son is an LPN who has not had a real job in years. He hung on to a job for the last couple years as a home health aide, he had one client and the agency could not get him any more clients in this area. It got to where he was making about 5 bucks for going to work, and when his car died there was no money to fix it. He is now unemployed, trying to help get the farm going. He is not counted, as he does not bother to apply for unemployment, the last few years he made so little that it would not cover his gas to go down and apply even if approved.
My daughter-in-law to be is on probation. Full time employment is a condition of her probation. :) No problem!

Now. lets take this one step further...
My husband is in healthcare. That entire corporation runs on Medicare and Medicaid. There is the occasional private insurance, but take away "entitlements" and ALL of healthcare employment takes a mighty hit.
My daughter works for the State, most of her clients are on Welfare or destitute. Take away entitlements and her job probably goes away.
Our entire economy is one or two handshakes from an "entitlement check" at this point. Even the legitimate entrepreneur is probably selling his wares mostly to people who are getting some kind of government paycheck or assistance.

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm? Starve them if they go anywhere else, I guess.

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