Comment: CHILL, people!

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CHILL, people!

Everyone is saying almost the same thing.
The OP is correct, the contract is not valid. There was no full disclosure. However, if you claim to be a "US citizen" then you have not quite figured out the whole puzzle. It is at the Federal level that the scam plays out.
When you absently mindedly signed things to get a license, a permit, a whatever, from the government, YOU were negligent. However, if you HAD read it, you would find that your signature indicates you both read and understood the document. YOU have done damage, and you need to remedy that by voiding such existing contracts and avoiding them in the future. Unless and until you do that, you will be eaten alive in courts. That is what vinceable is trying to tell you, that you need to get your papers in order, and learn the language of the courts (Black's Law dictionary) BEFORE you find yourself in front of a judge or jury.
And vince, not everyone is a BAR member... you are arguing with a guy down there who pretty much agrees with you.
These contracts EXIST with YOUR SIGNATURE ON THEM. If you do not declare them void, the courts will treat them as valid.

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