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Truth is for you

to sort out. What I try to remember is that the bible was put together by Romans 200 years after Christ died; and written by the Jewish historians (written by Jews, for the benefit of Jews, and under extreme duress) Parts that the Romans did not agree with were left out, and no telling what other editing took place. There is substance and truth in the Bible, you just have to judge for yourself where the truth lies.

One omen, I believe to be the truth is the fact that the symbol of wall street is the "bull", now they have the root of the destroyed sycamore tree. As, I recall, the Idol of Baal is the bull (remember the story of Moses and the golden calf). I believe that wall street and the fed are evil worshipers of money, and therefore have the stench of idol worship.

A truth I have come upon, originating in the Bible.