Comment: And all of retail is "final goods."

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And all of retail is "final goods."

Follow a dollar. If it was 100 beans rather than 100 pennies...
I only got 72 beans, the first 28 were with-held by my husband's employer on behalf of Soc Sec, M-Care and the IRS, with a few others.
I take my 72 beans down and buy a candy bar which is marked "69 beans" The cashier wants 73 beans. I give her my 72 beans and she grabs a bean from the "leave one take one" can. Next customer gets 69 beans change from her, what is left of my beans to circulate. That customer goes to the next shop and buys a pencil for 65 beans, which will cost them all 69 beans. Etc.
If you only count what is paid at one exchange, it is 6%. But if you actually had to take the tax out every time a dollar was taxed, it would be gone very quickly.

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