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16th Amendment DOES NOT MATTER

The 16th Amendment is totally a moot point anyway.

2 key cases in 1916 already confirm the income tax as ONLY an excise tax. They were the Brushaber case and Stanton case.

In fact, the US Supreme Court in the Brushaber case in 1916 dealt with the 16th amendment and stated that the 16 amendment was drawn up for the purpose of doing away with the CONFUSION of how an income tax must be laid by congress. And it was said it could ONLY be applied as an excise tax. That's it.

Since it's an excise, it really has nothing to do with the average american earning his/her own domestic source monies and still rakes in a lot of revenue for the federal government when actually applied properly and as written in USC 26. So the government will still receive taxes when properly enforced upon those whom it applies.

So, arguing the ratification of the 16th is such a moot point that it's not even worth discussing since the amendment did NOT change congress's taxing power to new subjects. Simple as that!

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