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For those at the cutting edge of this.
THANK YOU. I am perhaps the guiltiest person here. I KNOW better, but I have not done anything. I do not want to go in to any government agency in my TINY little county and make any kind of waves, I JUST moved here.
I know just enough to get myself in a lot of trouble. I am studying, and my plan is to not renew my license and be ready to stand by it by then.
In my defense, I took on the banksters, fought to force them to show me the proper paperwork for years and lost a house for my efforts. 2 actually, although the second one we are not taking to court. The judge's ruling made it clear that the entire 2-3 hours he sat and took testimony from us, he was just doing Kabuki court; not one piece of evidence was acknowledged in his ruling. He made it sound like we were just trying to cash in on a national scandal. Never mind it was not a national scandal until people like me started to MAKE it a national scandal.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.