Comment: Silly.

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Firstly, I eat more saturated fat in the form of bacon and dark meat chicken with the skin on than anyone I know. Wife and I will be having a baby in May.

Secondly, this news report, along with this study is straight up misinformation.

Wheat, in modern, less active humans, will make you obese. We all know folks that eat fat free everything but never seem to lose a pound. Wheat foods are dense with calories but light on nutrients.

If this report was true we probably would have been extinct long ago since many tribes and people had diets high in sat fats. I highly recommend watching the documentary "FATHEAD", which is about a guy who loses weight while eating fatty fast foods or reading the work of Gary Taubes or Mark Sisson.

I have a theory that it is in the best interest of the folks in charge that we remain fat and out of shape. The easiest way to lose weight is to cut carbs and add fat. I lost 75lbs this way and I'm in the best shape of my life. I would have done this to start with but I believed all the wheat bread nonsense and tried to lose weight for years by cutting calories and eating US Food pyramid style.