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Fire Every Politican in Washington And Start All Over

The Constitution has failed because it cannot enforce itself.

It is a MAJOR failure and has been rendered useless. Trial courts rarely allow litigants to successfully argue the Constitution.

The problem is that no one can provide an effective method to enforce the supreme law of the land. Even though every elected official is required to sign an oath under penalty of law to support the Constitution, the gang does not support it completely and no one is ever convicted.

The only solution is to rebuild the entire system from scratch.

Unfortunately, it is all a dream, at least in the foreseeable future.

In our social system, you have to support something that is available, or just watch and let others tell us what we will get.

Fair Tax is a major step in the right direction of eventually eliminating the federal reserve, just as audit the fed legislation is a major step. Both efforts were designed and promoted by the type of people who really want to improve government.

Many people are dreaming if they think that merely watching the IRS become more tyrannical will eliminate taxation.

Unless someone wants to attempt a failed military coup, changes will have to be made through legislation with adequate support. Fair Tax is politically possible. Zero tax demands are only a dream with no support from Washington or the voting majority.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.