Comment: Shill-kle disenfranchisement confusion

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Shill-kle disenfranchisement confusion

Disenfranchisement is when The RNC enjoins the DNC and the campaigns of all the other 'Republicans' to thwart the will of the people of Iowa from having Ron Paul as the winner of the Ames straw poll.

the winner of the Ames straw poll gets to bask in the glow of the media spotlight and the elites pooled all of their forces and still had to cheat to 'beat' Ron Paul, and keep him, US, from our hard earned victory.

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz vowed to engage in mischief at Ames, she, Ed Rollins, Reince Preibus, Iowa Gov Terry the 'traitor' Branstad, and the campaigns and even family members of the other 'Republicans' conspired to keep Ron from winning, and even with all of that they had to 'scatter' more votes than Ron needed to beat Bachmann

Hometown girl Bachmann brought in Randy Travis to perform at the fair, but anyone who wanted to see the show, had to cast their vote for Bachmann to get inside, so many of her 'supporters' were really just country music fans with no allegiance to her, but when the opposition saw that our numbers were the biggest EVER, they all got together and all of the Democrat operatives, and many of the campaign people and family members of the other candidates also had to vote for Bachmann as she was the only other candidate anywhere near Ron Paul.

Wasserman Schultz swore to cause mischief, and the only possible mischief that her operatives COULD have caused mischief was by voting for Bachmann. No other vote they could have made would have had any effect on the outcome, and they DAMN SURE didn't vote for Ron!

So shill-kle IS totally confused about the meaning of disenfranchisement.

What he did was disenfranchisement, what WE did, and will continue to do, is defend and uphold our constitutions and institutions, the honorable way, the American way.

We will not be stopped, like shill-kle, all who stand in our way as we restore our Republic are going to get steam rolled, SO YOU HAD ALL JUST BETTER GET THE HELL OUTTA OUR WAY!