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I get stuff like that from time to time

There's a hack scam that has been around for a long time where they compromise someone's email and then spam the host victim's email list hoping that their friends will open their link.. which of course can compromise their computers and they can in turn perpetuate it.

If you don't have it, download Malwarebytes.. It's free and it's pretty good.

I would do a virus scan as well if you can.. change your password to all of your accounts and even think about reformatting your drive if none of that works.

If you need help.. catch me on one of these posts and I'll start a thread for you to walk you through it, I'll be glad to help with what I can.. PM and email would be better I suppose but I don't do either for security reasons.

Not saying you haven't or it's not possible because it is but I just like to weed out everything else before I come to that as the final answer.

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