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Law enforcement officers do

Law enforcement officers do it for the money and the power, MOST of them anyway. And they get their jollies out of pushing people around because the "law says so".

A better discussion would be why do we need police. How about personal responsibility instead depending of people with costumes with shiny badges and guns who almost always show up late to the scene of a crime, and are really there to generate revenue for the city they work for. If we stripped them of their pensions most would quit their jobs. Most do not give a crap about your rights. In fact, most do not even know what your rights are. The constitution and the Bill of Rights are ancient pieces of paper to them that mean nothing.

I've tried and tried too educate my local LEO's about honoring their Oath. In fact, because of my big mouth and persistence, 80% of the local cops turned against the Chief of Police with a very public vote of no confidence. They all got fired and rehired by other departments, doing the same thing to others that they were doing in my small town, all for a paycheck. I don't think they learned anything, only how to keep their mouth shut.

I'm with you about teaching them about their Oath, but all it's gotten me is arrested. (repeatedly) Now I'm on a special Ef Bee Eye watch list. The Chief of Police has informants on my ass, trying to nail me for something I am not. I am so worried that they will plant drugs or manufacture some other crime against me. When I talk to the pirates, I mean police, in my community about NDAA and Ron Paul and other liberty issues, they literally laugh at me.

There might be a few good cops out there, but not enough. And I don't see the good guy numbers growing.

On another thread I asked you if you were a cop or married to one but you never answered me, which leads me to believe you are. If so, what have YOU done publicly to educate the LEO's you know?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown