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Years ago...

Years ago I spoke to a fellow over the phone who identified himself as Gary Eitel. He claimed to be a pilot who once worked for Evergreen Air out of McMinnville Oregon. You know the town where Howard Hughs' Spruce Goose is now on display. Howard Hughs, former CIA operative (Glomar Explorer) etc. Evergreen Air flew the Shaw of Iran out of Iran in the 1970s and has been involved in many incidents of international intrigue over the past 40 years. This fellow told me that the CIA had flown over McMinnville Oregon and dispersed some pathogen. I can't remember what it was but I think it may have been diphtheria pathogens.

This gentleman claimed to have flown missions for the CIA all over S. America and told me things that really changed my way of looking at the world.

Go ahead and google Gary Eitel. Some interesting stuff comes up.

PS: I think he was a former Air America guy in Viet Nam as well.