Comment: Peirs is going to have trouble controlling Jones

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Peirs is going to have trouble controlling Jones

Jones knows the game. He won't be as explosive as you might think. He'll consider his audience (as Jessy Ventura does) when he frames his arguments. I think he will mention Republicans being just as bad as the democrats. He will mention 9/11, building 7 and the bbc probably. But most of his comments will likely be on gun control, the growing police state, war, and the Fed.

Piers will try to bring up every conspiracy that he feels is a breaking point for the audience to discredit Alex. But, I've seen Piers try to argue with guests and he lacks basic logic. Alex should have no problem tying Piers into knots. They aught to be nervous about having Alex on. Sure they'll be those Huffington Post type fog-heads that laugh it off, but he's likely to wake a lot more people up.

Here's Alex on Fox and despite their ignorance I thought he was pretty successful.