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Not all of us are broad

Not all of us are broad shouldered enough to accept the harsh criticism, deserved or not. However, like me, I ventured toward this political liberty movement for obvious reasons. I have always been suspicious of the State, all the way back to serving in the Army. I saw incompetent leadership, waste, and hypocrisy. I then left and after some college, I became a police officer. I remember being advised to always do what is reasonable, which to me meant, the law be damned, do what is right. It also meant to me, make the best decision possible taking in account, the rights of the accused and what society expects from me in handling the accused. The Golden rule was a great principle to live by. I treated those that would threaten to kill my family or did whatever they could to provoke me into doing the wrong thing, the opposite of the response they expected. I cannot say Ive always done the right thing but I have tried and I corrected my mistakes as best I could.
Police are not the makers of law, society is. If the police are enforcing laws you disagree with, change the minds of society. I know that the people here are doing the best job of anyone out there in that challenge, and that is why I am here with you. Those that work along side of me know my stances politically and I have been very vocal about them. Im proud to say that I have no doubt opened many minds among my peers. Ive succeeded in doing that by engaging in conversations that are philosophical in nature and explain how many of the laws, rules and procedures do not just violate the rights of the "evil civilians" but ours just the same. I draw parallels of how we will also be affected. I know that may seem selfish but sometimes to convince someone to see your way, you must show them how your way will benefit them first. To the first sentence, it also follows that if you expect the police to be the ones that change the laws by simply not enforcing them, you would then be granting them the power to make law as well.
Many of the critics are going to be hateful of police no matter what. Some of them are too narrow minded to look at the big picture and are engaged in the same type of division that establishmentarians are so good at. They hate us, and the narrow minded police officer hates them. Both are unreasonable, making bridge building impossible. We all have the same enemy which is one that stalks around hidden, playing all of us off against each other so that liberty cannot exist and only a government can make things right for us.
I also recognize that there are no doubt police officers who should not just be fired but be placed in prison for their actions. A liberty minded society makes no distinction between those that violate the freedoms of others. Sometimes, a short video clip or one sided description of an encounter is too easily accepted as the truth that one wants it to be. Keeping that in mind, it is still beneficial to discuss these events and use them to make changes. I have seen people post stories that were favorable and many that were not. Im here to tell you that this group of people at the DP and similar organizations, are making a difference. I also believe that you can find commonality with most police if you keep an open mind. Unfortunately sometimes you may have to be the better person, I know that isn't easy, but you will be happy in the end. When wrong is apparent, it should not be ignored either. I beleive the drug war is a large part of the problem but so are using drugs, including alcohol, to excess. I hope that those of you who can now use marijuana legally realize that many others are watching to see how you police yourselves and isn't that what it's really all about, how we police ourselves? When we fail at that, the group then starts screaming for more law and they get it evertime don't they. They will also do their best to find people from the group to be the enforcers of those laws and who wants to wait for some Judge, appointed by that same group to decide whether that law was enforced properly.

Peace to all of you and sorry for being long-winded. I plead guilty in advance to any charges of misspelling or gramamtical errors chaged against me.