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Use a magnet

I get a sheet of 'magnet stuff' and just paste my bumper stickers on it. Very easy on and off whenever you want. I'll bet I had 20 -30 (that I actually saw in the mirror) people taking pics of my WHORES sticker that used the Obama 'O' and Romney 'R' in the word. lol I do like a bumper sticker on a car the same way I preach to get yard signs in yards and not waste them at corners and highways etc. If advertising is on personal property as a car or yard it shows actual people supporting a candidate or cause as opposed to a gazillion signs slapped up on highways by campaign workers and committee people. My current magnets that alternate opposite my Ron Paul mag are "I ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY" or "FOX NEWS(logo) KEEPS ME STUPID". lol