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Comment: WOW!!!!!!

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The pro-AJ trolls are out enmasse on this one!!!!

All my comments on this thread have been exponentially down-voted like never before!!!!

I must have hit a nerve!!!!

Praise God for God-given discernment..these pro-AJ/anti-AJ battles since Ron Paul got shut out in Tampa(on the DP) spark as much vitriol as creation/evolution, and religion/atheism debates do...

I detect some serious divide and conquer going on by trolls....I have spoken about Statesmanship, and I have spoken about adding "virtue" to our gains, because THAT persuades neo-cons to listen to a Peter Schiff or a Tom Woods...what AJ dishes out does not court neo-cons, nor turn them into delegates or candidates in the spirit of Ron Paul....

Keep showing your colors....