Comment: I didn't believe either, until...

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I didn't believe either, until...

First of all: start watching the radar every day

At face value it really screams "conspiracy theory". I didn't believe it until I started paying attention.

I have a little weather app on my iPad. You can see radar on it. I check it pretty often. A few weeks after having read/seen some convincing evidence of chem trails (I still didn't fully believe it), I noticed on the radar a few lines of rain out in the middle of nowhere. I zoomed out and there were several small lines with no other rain in the area.

The trajectory of the lines of rain were clearly from one major city to another. Some were going from city A to city B, some from C to D, etc. The lines weren't the entire trip, just a small portion of it, just like you often see up in the sky.

There's no doubt folks. Planes are intentionally putting out chemicals in our atmosphere to change the weather. This particular set of trails were scattered up through the mid-west, and had clearly stopped a front from moving east across the U.S.

My suggestion: start watching the radar (every day) and you will notice it.