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True sory

Hopefully this gives y'all some hope. Working for Dr. Paul an event where Santorum, Ginrich, and Nikki Haley (representing the Romulan) were appearing. (of course Dr. Pauls main campaign did not cooperate with us to send him or a surrogate to this large 3 day event.) Anyway, we had a great table and display with volunteers for Dr. Paul and who quietly stops by but members of the police detail assigned to the event helping guard the other candidates. Long story short....they PURCHASED RP shirts, and gave donations for some yard signs, literature take home to their families. Here is the kicker...they quietly asked us to sneak out to one of the squad cars and put the stuff they got in it so they wouldn't be seen walking out with it. lol We had a good time chatting with these officers. We also had an officer stop by with his little daughter to a meetup to get RP materials for his home. To hear this guy talk about his child and why he supports liberty was actually inspiring. I can't stand most law enforcement for obvious reasons, but I do know there are some good ones who if nothing else at least give me some hope.