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Everything seems to have a coincidental reason lately.

Do you find the number of so-called coincidences to be astounding?

Take our last campaign for instance:

Ron Paul staunchly opposed to all foreign aid.
Benton is silent for 2+ months while the enthusiasm for Ron Paul increases.
Campaign abruptly ended after biggest crowds & last money bomb with the innuendo given of death threats.
Rand announces Romney endorsement on Hannity next day and later Ryan.
Ron Paul delegates squashed at local, state, and national levels with little support given by the campaign and none by Rand.
Rand speaks in Tampa but cannot say his father's name.
Rand announces Israel trip.
Rand wants all foreign aid ended, except don't start with Israel.
Rand votes for 2013 defense budget, then votes against it when citizen detention provisions are left in it.
Rand's son charged with underage drinking.
The rest of the story remains to be seen.
How will Rand vote on future foreign bills to other countries and to Israel? These bills should be not treated differently.
If all are the same, meaning that all are unconstitutional, then all should be voted down by Rand.
I hope that will happen.