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Thanks for asking Michael. I've been doing odd jobs but will... putting more effort to my music project titled "EverAfter" (you can check it out a

I've recorded 3 CDs to date, but largely put it on the back burner the last few years because I was working so much.

So far I have not applied for unemployment because I feel slightly hypocritic about it, but I've been talking to so many people who are literally abusing the system with stuff like:

1. Declaring bankruptcy and not paying any of their obligations, yet keeping all the goods they bought on credit,

2. Going on Social Security disability when it was very questionable (things like declaring mental problems),

3. Getting their entire educations paid for with federal grants (not loans, grants),

4. Getting thousands of federal dollars in Earned Income Tax Credits because they have kids (out of wedlock - the dad is long gone) and they didn't earn enough to even PAY any taxes,

5. Going to the grocery stores and seeing tons of people using food stamps (these days the government gives them a card that looks like a credit card to try to fool people from noticing that they are on food stamps),

6. I know of a 23 year-old women (pregnant with her 2nd child from a different man), on Medicaid (and now having complications) where she will be in a major hospital in Seattle for 3 months until she gives birth. What do you figure THAT will cost the government???

7. The United States gives away 55 BILLION dollars yearly in foreign aid while we are broke and getting broker,

These things have pissed me off to the point that I am going to apply for unemployment and not feel guilty about it.

I feel we did all we could to get the correct and moral man in office but we failed miserably - most notably his very own PARTY fought us every step of the way.

So like it or not "we're all socialists now."

As Ron Paul wrote in "The Revolution," "Everyone plunders everyone."

One more big thing: I lost my job because of federal bankruptcy laws. I worked for American Airlines who chose NOT to go bankrupt 9 years ago while every other major carrier did.

They were allowed to continue operating (minus their debts and obligations) and set prices in the same markest we flew in).

Then to add fuel to the fire they all started merging (which the DOJ NEVER should have allowed).

United merged with Continental. Delta with Northwest, U.S. Air with America West.

Every one of these airlines had declared bankruptcy while WE didn't.

In the end we simply could NOT compete with these new behmouths now lean and mean after screwing their creditors, vendors, shareholders and throwing their pensions onto the American taxpayer.

American tried valiantly for nearly 10 years to stay afloat, but in the end we were forced into bankruptcy last November and thousands of us lost our jobs to outsourcing.

So YES, I fully blame the federal government for 1) Allowing bankrupt carriers to continue to operate after stiffing their creditors and 2) Allowing them to merge into mega-carries who those of us not bankrupt could not compete with.

THAT is not a free market.

I, along with thousands of my collegues, became the victims of federal government interference in the private marketplace.

Sorry for the long rant - Thanks for caring.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul