Comment: That's Why The Press Are Confused

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That's Why The Press Are Confused

The press and public have never really understood the point she just made. They are eternally puzzled how Penn Jillette and Ron Paul can be called "libertarian," when their values are so different.

But the whole point is, politically, they are libertarian, wanting a libertarian government. This is why I'm always complaining about polls: they ask whether I'm conservative or liberal (I'm libertarian also in my own values), without asking what I want the government to be, and then, they don't list "libertarian" as an option.

Conservative libertarians want to conserve: to keep our libertarian traditions, to follow the rule of law contained in our libertarian Constitution, and to fight to preserve our traditional libertarian values (e.g., Ron Paul); they want to have authorities of their own choosing.

Liberal libertarians want to enjoy: to use our libertarian rights of free speech, tolerate a variety of cultural change, welcome new ideas; they believe tolerance can't be mandated.

Liberals, conservatives, authoritarians, and libertarians have been around a while; only a libertarian government can allow peace between them, since libertarian government allows those who want lots of rules to join the army, live in a PUD or have an HOA, worship an authoritarian God, and leaving their liberal family and friends free not to do the same.

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