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Both are correct, but glad you pointed this word out

Agree that the DoI uses Unalienable, but I think it is useful to know that both mean the same thing. It is the Definition that is important.

Hayek, and many others, have pointed out that Central Planners almost always target Language for modification to dumb down those they assume control over. The smaller a person's vocabulary, the smaller the mind, the less likely they can figure out that Rights come from Independence and Privilege comes from Dependence. Rights are not transferable, but they can be lost by becoming Dependent.

Rights are actions/behaviors that do not require the permission of another to act/behave.

Privileges are actions/behaviors that Require permission to act/behave.

Dependents Require Permission from those that they are dependent upon.

Bottom Line; Always question what others mean, all too often people are not on the same page.