Comment: Who is this guy, Dick Cheney's Iowa cousin?

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Who is this guy, Dick Cheney's Iowa cousin?

so you become a party co-chair, and immediately go on the attack against the base of your state party (like it or not). absolutely unbelievable! this man must be tied to their Governor, Brandstadt, who (if the caucus results are to be trusted) single-highhandedly undermined Ron Paul's looming victory there with his "If Ron Paul wins the Iowa caucus, ignore it- or it will discredit the entire first in the nation status"

And, big surprise- the lobbyists and special interest groups arent pouring cash into the state party with liberty people in charge there. This seems to be a big problem for all places where liberty activists are victorious.

I predict that both parties will soon do away with grassroots state organizations completely. They'll probably leave a shell organization with appointees that will run events and such. But think about it: how many regular folks donate to their state GOP?

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