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In the market prices fluctuate, if one price goes up and another down this means that demand has shifted from one industry to another, however if all prices increase together this means that a change has taken effect in the monetary sphere aka the fed. But what change has occurred you ask? Well the increase in the money supply of course. Resulting in the overall price increases. And this is what we are seeing slowly happen today. What is the reason you are asking “when is the inflation coming” essentially all Americans live beyond there means. Most people don’t even own there own house and yet continue to spend spend spend. Most Americans have not experienced a rainy day in the monetary sense. Especially nothing like the great depression.

Certain sectors of the economy are booming but that’s only do to artificial monetary intervention. Sectors such as the military, construction ect… The problem with you Keynesians is that you still think government stimulus can regenerate the economy. Have you not heard of the broken window fallacy? Oh look a man just through a brick into a baker’s window; yea he just stimulated the economy because the glass man has to repair it. Well sure he helped the glass industry but what if the man did not throw a brick in his window; he could then have used that money to buy something else and he would have had a window not broken.

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