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Social Security solvant

Social Security is currently solvant for 25 years, but it would be very easy to extend it for 100 years (or more) without causing starvation, evictions, foreclosures, mass poverty, and hurting people.

Just eliminate the 110,000 payroll cap, which makes no sense to begin with. Only poor people (those making 100K or less) actually pay into the program, but then everybody including the rich (who don't even need it) get the benefit. It is totally a regressive model.

Rich people like Dick Cheney get not only Social Security for free (which they didn't really have to pay into since most of their income is way, way over 110K), but they also get a Taxpayer-Funded Pension as well. These are the people who are abusing the whole system, not the poor people.

So if you want to cut spending, do what Ron Paul himself suggests (and not what the right-wingers and Wall-Streeters want), and:

1) cut our multi-Trillion-Dollar waste of money spent on Wars, Occupations, Torture, Drones, Military Bases, and Foreign hand-outs, and
2) cut our enormous Taxpayer-Funded Trillion dollar Corporate hands-outs to Banks, Wall-Street, etc.

But don't blame your grandma. She isn't the problem.