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Comment: No, it was not enough.

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No, it was not enough.

I expected Rand to take the fight to a new level, and instead all indications have been that he was backing off.
There is a basic difference between me and pretty much all Rand backers. I do not consider the corporate US government to be legitimate at all. I do not believe an illegitimate political process can be saved, it must be replaced. I will never "support" Rand the way I supported Ron, but that is about MY understanding of sovereignty, not about either man. The BEST Rand can hope for from me is a begrudging vote, it would be a HUGE compromise of my principles to participate in an election in this country. The thing is, it is NOT JUST ME. There is a large and growing segment of liberty lovers who want nothing more to do with politics, have come to understand that it is antithetical to liberty. Rand needs us more than we need him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.