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The only real economic

damage we could possibly do is QUIT. Quit buying, period. Buy only necessities and get that from local markets if possible. Stop putting money into the system as much as possible. It would not require a majority as would an armed revolution but only a certain percentage would need abstain from the worldly things that make us sell our freedom and our souls.

It doesn't necessitate group meetings nor does it require plans of action nor approval of others. Just Quit feeding the system. This would not be a one day abstention but would take a while to come to effect since death by starvation is a slow and painful process.

Now my only worry about this approach is with what happened to GM. GM was loosing their butt because they didn't have enough people buying their product so the government came in and took our money and just gave it to GM instead. In face of many companies facing failure what would the government do? Show their hand or fold?