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No. Social Security is not

No. Social Security is not regressive in that way. The cap is at 110,000, and people who make more than that do not COLLECT more than that. It isn't like Bill Gates is collecting SS based on his income....he collects based on the % he paid on 110,000.

Now, if you want to raise the cap due to inflation, go ahead. But people should always collect what they paid in.

On another note, SS tends to be regressive because it tends to favor those who live longer. That includes the rich. Without consideration for gender, race, health, or education, SS pays out to everybody on the assumption that you will live to 81.

This is the reason why women collect around 96% of the SS they paid in, while men collect less than 80%. Blacks tend to make out worse since they do not live as long. The more educated you are, the longer you are likely to live, etc. etc. This is the regressivity of the system.

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