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Grandma is part of the problem.

The "don't blame Grandma" syndrome is what causes the continual rape of my generations' wages. The AARP is made up of hundreds of thousands of grandmas and their husbands and holds influence over millions more and they all vote.

I agree the elderly on Social Security cannot shoulder all of the blame, since their parents and grandparents were conned into going along with it in the first place and they have been assured all their lives that SS will take care of them, so, they haven't bothered to get private retirement insurance or save as much as they would have in the absence of SS.

However, we cannot absolve Granny and Papa from having a knee-jerk reaction every time the old person's lobby demagogues the SS and Mediscare issue. Old people are capable of critically thinking just like everyone else and a little selflessness on their part would go a long way toward phasing out Social Security and Medicare over time so, future generations won't have to suffer massive transfers of wealth to much wealthier elderly people the way the Gen X and Millennials are condemned to do.