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The situation is quite simple

The situation is quite simple and straight forward. There is a plethora of "methods" in the freedom movement that do nothing more than mislead freedom seekers. These involve very extravagant reading, often using court cases that are over a century old, as if the law never changes...

The 14th Amendment creates the Citizenship. There are 2 requirements for citizenship.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States..."

This is very straight forward. In order to be a citizen you must 1) be born on US soil or naturalized, 2) AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF.

Obviously one cannot change their place of birth. But JURISDICITION is a thing that MUST BE GIVEN, it is consent.

By correcting you status, in accordance with THEIR LAW THEIR remedy provided specifically for such purpose, you have removed the jurisdiction OF THEIR SYSTEM. When you do so the US Attorney General will issue a letter to you confirming your withdrawal from their system, and at that point you are no longer a Citizen, they no longer have jurisdiction.

The Court no longer has jurisdiction, the Judge no longer has jurisdiction, and the Agencies no longer have jurisdiction. The IRS MAY have jurisdiction, under certain circumstances, not to exceed 10 years.

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