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Dear Spock

In reading the article in full myself, I agree that the OP is saying liberty loving Muslim voters were inclined to the message Bush gave in the 2000 election but not that they were blind Bushies or tribal GOP voters.

The irony for Muslims is that the liberal equality doctrine is taken to extremes and opens the door wide for much that anyone who submits to and loves above all else Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth and all besides would be appalled by. Nonetheless, this is oft the concept which has allowed for freedom of religious expression where Muslims targeted.

Similarly, the tremendous overlap between Muslims (lit. One who submits to the will of God) and conservatism in politics in America is undermined by the fact that much Islamophobic funding originates on the right..

No matter. If one believes in God one asks of Him first and last. Muslims supporting liberty should, again, not be blind supporters. Nonetheless much is found to support. Ron Paul being a beautiful example of being unafraid to speak truth to power.

Indeed the integrity that radiates from Ron Paul - and many staunch supporters of liberty - in never bending knee nor back to the powers that be (in the form of the banking cartels, AIPAC or any populist tilt where it shreds liberty) resonates with all who love truth and justice.

Muslims who see and understand liberty in action, in its conforming and being a demonstration of Faith and its duties, support liberty with an open heart. If one loves God and hopes to return to Him in a happy state, fighting to lift the yoke of statism, fiat money fraud and good neighbourliness need no encouragement.