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To be a Citizen requires

To be a Citizen requires there to be a government. You have written that the States are extensions of the Federal Government, and rightly so. In all 50 States any officer of that State is required to be a United States Citizen. The 50 States are OCCUPIED by the insurgent United States. This was part of the military coup called "Reconstruction". If a United States citizen is not entitled to rights and privileges of state citizenship, it is because there is no longer a state to be a citizen of. The "States" are mere subdivisions of the larger. It is obvious that if Mexico enacted law that ONLY United States Citizens were allowed to serve as Government Officers, that Mexico would be occupied by and an extension of the United States. The States are themselves UNDER THE JURISDICTION of the United States. Claiming to be a citizen of such a state would put you right back where you started. Citizen of State "x" which is a subdivision of the United States, therefore Citizen of the United States.

Being "stateless" also presents a problem as the United Nations then claims such people. But there is ONE jurisdiction of freedom that is recognized here today. It is a Kingdom that has existed for a couple of thousand years...

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