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maybe some just get tired

of being nice,and getting the shaft
maybe some are sick of the whole mess
and see nothing good happening
some might even see their rights violated every day
and know who is doing it and why
now,we could have a civil discussion with cops who come here
if you look at my questioning here tot he one and only cop
you will see none answered,this to me is very telling
and if you read my comments about the const,my thoughts
are real clear
what we have is a gov with no authority,handing out authority
they do not have to other agencies who think they are over and above us
(and we pay them!!)
if a gov does not have the authority,they then do not have it to give away
all cops swore an oath to protect our rights,then violate it
and smile
the supreme court ruled its not a cops job to protect us,but we still pay for them? Then just who or what do they protect?
would it be the states,and their bottom line?
what do we get for our money,if not protection? it has to be extortion

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence