Comment: holy crap!!!!

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holy crap!!!!

did you see the prices for rothbard's anatomy of the state on amazon? it starts at $145!!! this is bullshit! you can buy it at for $5! what kind of game is this? i've let them know through amazon's "lower price" option, and i tried to leave a comment on one of the seller's sites(it's being moderated, of course, so it probably won't show), but what can one person do?

may i ask that many people here help me and let amazon know that they can't get away with this, by making amazon aware of the lower price? i think they're trying to prevent people from buying and reading this important work.

and if more business could be directed to as a result, then all the better.


unbelievable that amazon would attempt to intellectually "cock-block" rothbard!