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Comment: A few things..

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A few things..

Many Austrian Economists probably believe we will eventually have some kind of hyperinflation if it's defined as over 50% monthly annually increase in prices as Phillip Cagan defined it or a cumulative price increase of 100% over a three year period along with other qualitative factors.

Not all Austrian economists are short/mid term inflationists. Robert Prechter, the most well known DEFLATIONIST is also an Austrian Economist. The credit expansion as Mises described results in a massive credit bubble that after popping results in a large downward pressure on asset prices, business & wealth. There is a destruction of the broad money supply(ie. M3)when massive debts go bad so it creates deflationary pressures. (All money beyond base money is based on debt.) However the base money that the Fed has ultimate control over has increased from around $800 billion in 2008 to over $3 trillion and counting (currently adding $95 billion/month). The Fed does this so businesses and the artificial economy that should naturally go bust (ie. liquidate & start over) will temporarily keep afloat. There has been little expansion from the ponzi fractional-reserve commercial banking system beyond the Fed's ponzi scheme. (BTW there is over $1 trillion in excess reserves that banks have not ponzied off yet because the Fed pays them a higher rate to keep it there.) However there comes a point in time the Fed base money creation results in massively higher actual money supply whether M3 broad money collapses (via debt destruction) and base money quickly catches up to it or if M3 stays some greater level higher than base money. Even Precther is a long term hyperinflationist in the scenario where the Bernank prints so much money it catches up to the broad money supply. There is a scenario where the Bernank has an epiphany and realizes he is wrong and Ron Paul is right and subsequently stops printing. I doubt that will happen. The pain will be too great to bear for the politicians & Keynesians and besides the Bernank is supposed to act like a superhero right? There is also a scenario where the world can have some miraculous earth-shattering technological breakthrough that creates massive productivity gains that can restart this debt-based artificial ponzi scheme all over again and keep prices low. People should feel free to hope and pray for that miracle, but I'm looking to accumulate more gold and silver. Good luck.

"There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."
- Ludwig von Mises

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