Comment: Alex has alot more good than negative that comes from him

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Alex has alot more good than negative that comes from him

Many do not like him due to certain things he has said BUT he isn't a politician or elected official so I still don't get why people try and hold him to such a high level.

He is a christian who believes in god yet talks about reptilian and other randoms that are hard for people to grasp BUT an all knowing, all powerful, invisible god that he and many here believe in ( including ron paul ) is however totally plausible?

I just don't get where the negative rants about him come from. Most of the data he releases is legit. If you don't like the 9-11 truther stuff then stop researching the truth because it will lead you that route once you do.

Why do we need to take our shoes off anywhere? This is OUR country damn it!

When the gun grab comes I can't wait to see how many will be "praying" for something/someone to do something versus people actually getting off their ass and doing things FOR THEMSELVES.

DESTROY PIERCE MORGAN tonight Alex, that commie needs to GO HOME

I don't agree with everything Alex, Ron or anyone says specifically about an all knowing god BUT there is alot of TRUTH that comes out that I can wrap my mind around that I totally agree with. As a whole though, it is independent living and independent thought that makes us unique so why try and push everyone into one belief, one political group or class.

We need to be BROAD and far reaching to make it that much harder to put us into "groups" that can be segregated and moved as they see fit.

I haven't flown in YEARS since the tsa came in. I won't take my kids through that AND I know I would end up detained once "touched" or if I saw my wife or kids touched. Not on my watch - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana