Comment: sick video by ayn rand. its

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sick video by ayn rand. its

sick video by ayn rand. its a shame people get her backwards (even on this site).

Her version of love is far far far superior to the petty version exposed by JC in the beginning of the video.

Do you love someone because of their mere existence as a human being, or do you love them because of their virtues and becasue they truly and specifically deserve it.
When you're at the altar, or when youre out to dinner with your wife on your wedding anniversary and she asks "do you love me?" which do you really think she means?

"Yea hunny, I love you. I mean, nothing specific to you 'deserving' my love or anything... god forbid I be percieved as... selfish *gasp* or anything... But I love you because i love all of gods creations."