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I did that first. Scroll down.

Then after a little while, I realized she did not have her "revelation" until the government was busted, cold, and MSM admitted it. That is all good, glad she caught on, but it makes me wonder.... Is she putting her trust in the MSM and writing off the very people she claims to want to represent? To vote for her? And at the bottom of this is - What does she think about 9-11? Cuz I am tired of being derided by "liberty loving crazy official story" supporters. If she can't handle the truth, I'd like to know that. This epiphany's timing - after MSM finally gets government to admit it... It is hardly a big leap of awakening at that point. And I don't know - is she here? I asked hours ago, I don't know if she will address 9-11 or not. If not, that is all I need to not hear. 9-11 is not just "any" conspiracy, it is the reason we have the Patriot Act and everything that sprang from that.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.