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Comment: Authoritarianism is a moot point in this discussion

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Authoritarianism is a moot point in this discussion

There is no one telling the other what to do or believe.

I'm trying to show you that if we have two choices of how to do something and we realize it is up to us to do that something, being divided will stop us from doing anything at all. We can only do something in a united fashion. Otherwise, it's not "we" that's doing it, it's just one of us.

In any topic you can pick, I can give you examples of how many many people have suffered from the lack of something getting done to fix the problems. So, I ask you, "Is it still ok to stay divided forever and get nothing accomplished or should we stop agreeing to stay divided and start debating on which path to follow? I'm sorry if people think their feelings might get hurt if they're informed their beliefs are wrong but I'm much more concerned with actually hurting others because some global issue (or actually all of them to date) never got fixed.

And no, I'm not saying you have to concede to my side. I'm saying we need to debate the facts and weigh the factors and agree to abide by whatever consensus we come to.