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I'm sure it went down exactly the way he said it did.

The real issue is that it shows the incompetence of the 'intelligence' agencies and bureaucrats that singled him out for public harassment ..

Knowing (or no understanding?) that whatever happened would be taped and shown to millions of Alex Jones listeners (not to mention all of the aggregator sites that pick up his feeds)

Which is more intelligent:

1) Letting him go through without incident and full reasonable cooperation?

Thereby letting millions of people know that issues with the TSA, DHS, and other public agencies are imaginary, overinflated, and that people like Alex are stirring trouble and making problems out of nothing?


2) Go out of their way to hassle him - knowing who he is and the viewpoints he represents on camera (and ON HIS WAY TO A MAINSTREAM CORPORATE NEWS NETWORK FOR AN INTERVIEW THAT SAME NIGHT!!) ...

Thereby showing the American public - in NO uncertain terms - that the federal agencies that are carrying out these programs ARE profiling journalists - that they ARE singling out people that are anti-TSA and overreaching federal bureaucracy - and that the ARE block headed neanderthals hired by the Feds to intimidate the American public.

Think hard.