Comment: That settlement "hush money" pervades

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That settlement "hush money" pervades

all aspects of the legal system fosters a culture where we never learn the TRUTH. Judges push it. Attorneys push it. Wrongdoers are more than happy to accept them to be able to keep their reputations untarnished, giving them their self-righteous attitude, quick thereafter to note they were not found guilty of anything. Mark Twain, I write this with a pit in my stomach - for what it conjures up from personal experience including but not limited to a case I was assigned for jury duty, a malpractice case involving a dishonest and irresponsible local physician. I was disgusted when a settlement was reached, pitying the doctor's future clients who would never know what the jury did (and would surely have found him guilty for). While not pertaining to corporations, per se, years ago I was gratified to read The Myth Of Moral Justice, by law professor Thane Rosenbaum. So, it wasn't just little ol' me who thought settlements were a travesty of justice. Thank you for your reply, Mark Twain, although it didn't give me reason to be hopeful.

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