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My friend and his wife returned home threw Orlando airport after thanksgiving.His wife suffered a brain injury from car accident years ago.left side of body partially paralyzed.My friend helps her walk slowly with walker.She was on a wheelchair when told by TSA she must get out of wheelchair and walk thru scanner.My friend wanted to help her into scanner but he was blocked by TSA.He was also carrying a cat crate with his wife's cat in it on board.The TSA demanded him to take cat out of box.luckily the cat was sedated before departure with a vet prescription.As his wife had difficulty trying to get threw the scanner. My friend trying to get cat out of crate he ask the TSA men to help his wife threw the scanner.They did nothing. She almost fell down.I am thinking of bringing my cat on board next time I fly threw Orlando.When the TSA tells me to let cat out.I will. my cat will climb up him like going up a tree with a dog chasing him.My cat doesn't do drugs.But she is vicious when scared.And has sharp claws and teeth.Meeeoooooow.

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