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Velveta you sound like I did in 2007

I was my state's Ron Paul meetup organizer and I was baffled by these folks that would come in and gripe about Chemtrails. One day at a meetup I said (and I'll always remember it), "Look, we all have 'issues' that have brought us to this meeting in support of Ron Paul, but I'm going to tell you Chemtrails is not the primary issue. I'm not even convinced it is an issue. Let's just focus on real life, OK? Let's focus on this upcoming election." and I ended with "Chemtrails are not my issue."

One very polite older woman spoke softly and said, "Isn't breathing an issue that concerns everyone?"

Well, on the day of Obama's Inauguration in January 2008, I saw the most weird thing.

It was sunset. The sky was covered in every single direction with these trails - just full of stripes in varying degrees of puffiness across the sky. And the sky had turned a serious red with the sun set. The stripes were leaving almost black shadows on the other red stripes. I grabbed my husband who is getting pretty annoyed with the whole Chemtrail chatter and I brought him out to look at it. We both stood there and stared. He said, "Well that's not normal". Since then I became more open to listening to this sort of stuff.

A couple of years ago I had forgotten my regular glasses (for distance) and had to wear my prescription sun glasses out on a very gloomy day. It wasn't raining but looked like it might. I was in my driveway and looked up at the sky. I saw several trails in the cloudy gray sky. I took off the sunglasses and couldn't see them. I put them back on - there they were. I went inside my house and got a camera with auto focus just to see if my vision was that bad with out my glasses. I took pictures nothing showed up but gray sky. I put my POLARIZED Sunglasses over the lens and took the picture. There were the trails!

My theory is that since the lens was polarized it is designed to detect glare from things like metal and defuse the reflective/distraction. In fact that's how they market Polarized lens. Since it was a cloudy day there probably was light bouncing around all over the place and the glare was probably not that great for the naked eye since it was cloudy. But somehow the polarized lens picked it up.

A friend of mine and I were at a street cafe near my house this past summer and I asked her if she could see the "trail" from the jet. She said no. I asked if she had polarized sunglasses. Yup. She put them on and said, "I'll be damned! no wonder my husband keeps talking about these things. He must see them all the time he wears prescription polarized glasses."

So Veleveta. Do you need to wear glasses? or do you have perfect vision? I'm finding the folks with perfect 20/20 don't see them as often as people who wear Polarized lenses.

I have since apologized, many times actually, to that woman from the meetup in 2007.