Comment: Again.. the document didn't fail anyone..blaming an inanimate

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Again.. the document didn't fail anyone..blaming an inanimate

object for yours, mine or a person failure in general is silly.

The 16th Amendment gave no new powers of taxation per the Supreme Courts take on it and mainly per the Constitution's take on it.

People pay into tax because:

A: They don't know any better
B: They fear that if they don't they will go to jail
C: Are morons who think it's Patriotic
D: They feel they get something good in return

and maybe a few more reason I'm not thinking of.

Income as defined pre-1913 was not tax on labor. It has not changed.. if you look through the court details in all of the cases where taxation was disputed in the Supreme court.. you'll see the tax in question was derived from corporations/International imports or some such fashion.

Ever heard of the documentary from Aaron Russo?

America Freedom to Fascism. Very interesting and it will lead you to other areas where you can check it out for yourself.

They simply have kept quiet and the lie has become truth. Even Dr.Paul has spoken out against it as being Unconstitutional.

Here's a snippet of Aaron Russo's documentary.

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