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Informed Patriots

Personally I am aware of several law enforcement organizations which show some of the finest qualities of law enforcement. Groups such as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) or Law Enforcement for 9/11 Truth detail some of the issues that we all share in this movement. I think well-informed truth seekers are already aware that there is good on all sides of this mess and that no single group can be singled out as the enemy and that includes lawmakers. There are congressmen and women and members of the Senate that are of the right mindset and there are fine examples of them on video and transcript. One senator came out with a press release that told us that we are all correct and that we are opposed by a conspiracy involving the banking centers and many corporations. "There are other forces at work here besides the will of evil." To be well-informed you must see it as well.

Our task is to enforce the constitution. Law enforcement should be at the front line of that mission but we do not control law enforcement. The money holders do.