Comment: How long have people been making the "rights" argument?

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How long have people been making the "rights" argument?

....and how close has it ever gotten anyone to free-market consumer-sovereignty?

That's what I thought.

It's an empty argument as it has never produced results.

The creator does not bind the "rights" (created by men) in a court of law or in the court-of-nature (for that matter).

If a bear munches down on you the so called "right" to life is gone.

I don't like the word "right" -- at all, it's like pixie dust, born from magic and superstition and has not afforded (once ever in all human history) a perfect guarantee or an absolute justification.

The closest I'll give you is you have a "right" to self-defense -- If you cannot defend yourself (property, assets, life, health, purchasing choices) then in a free-society no one "has to" come to your aid.

Rights in the legal sense are granted by an authority and upheld (depending on the age and circumstance) at X% of the time.

Those "rights" can be suspended.

Show me one right that has not been ignored or suspended or that the rocks rose up in defense of -- you can't. Because the absolutist (worded by absolution-seekers) "right" does not exist. No matter how wealthy or poor. For no animal or plant -- for no ice cap nor polar bear -- for no moon, star, or planet.