Comment: Total NEOCON

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Does anyone know who these enemies are that Ted Cruz is talking about?

Iran is not our enemy any more than Israel is our friend, poor Texas, I'm sure his constituents were not expecting their boy to squander his political capital on such reprehensible Zionist bull crap.

The GOP, not having any conservatives in the leadership, ONLY WARPIG NEOCONS, keeps trying to repackage their Zionist bullcrap as somehow as American as apple pie. Ptew! I spit on them!

Any elected official who claims senator Hagel is unfit based on his non-allegiance to a FOREIGN NATION is unfit based on THEIR allegiance to Israel!

Jews vote for Democrats sure, but the big secret is Jews fund both parties, so Republican politicians go and prostrate themselves before their Israeli masters, and grovel for the filthy Lucre.

He's not feigning necon, he's feigning patriot.