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No, it isn't :D

The debt, troops, and empire would, in effect, end for the seceding state...

In national terms America is 315 million people and in theory "represented" by: 435 congressmen, 100 senators, 9 supreme judges, 1 president. Can you understand what a danger it is to have so few determine the most important issues for so many?

The Constitution stipulates that there are to be 30,000 people for every one rep! That would mean over 10,000+ reps in congress! If we had Constitutional representation we would still be arguing about the rationality of invading Iraq and bailing out billionaires - in 2013!

The just powers of government derive from the consent of the people. The people have a right to withdraw their consent. Moreover, the people are duty bound to abolish the government should it abuse and usurp, and design to establish absolute despotism.

A government like ours ignores all perceived limits upon its own powers, and therefore is on the march toward tyranny.