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I can tell you as a matter of

I can tell you as a matter of fact there are many pot smokers who have not been arrested at all, let alone, thrown in prison. I remember a time where people with a little weed would get a ticket for disorderly conduct instead of the full blown charge of possession or nothing at all. I am also saying that there are many pot smokers who in fact do use too much of it or mix it with too much of other things and they lose their ability to function temprarily in public, causing us to encounter them, not our choice. Despite all that, I wont cast all pot smokers into the category of bad like you seem to willing to do to me. Honest, leave others alone and Ill leave you alone types of cops have had their discretion taken away more and more over the years and soon there will be nothing left robots enforcing all laws, There are more than enough laws on the books as it is now for a robotic police force to take total control but that hasn't happened, thanks to those of us who choose to be careful about whether or not to even enforce a law. Officers like me and others who dont even know better yet will be the first to "go" when asked to disarm people. Ill be dead before the robots get to you. If you think that pot smoking is the highest goal on earth to achieve liberty, I think maybe you are dependant and might well do better with socialism. My message isnt nearly as much about changing the government as it is changing the mindset of the governed. Once we all change our views toward liberty, we will have the government we seek, seriously limited.