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and that is why

I would be against it. It's kinda like monsanto corn and gm salmon and all the rest they foist on us. It all sounds whoopee and good at first but what are the long term effects. How will this effect the childs future fertility. What if they mate with another modified person. What if some people don't want modifieds in their gene pool. Are they lying about the what and why regarding these children?? (Probably) The questions just come swarming up and I would be willing to bet they don't know the answer to many, if any, of them. I would also bet they don't really care.

If adoption or surragacy were not so controlled, costly and legally difficult (and why IS it so difficult)we wouldn't "need" to meddle with these crazy experiments that lead down unknown paths.

Can you imagine if Mengel were alive today? He would be salivating at even the chance of combining humans with lions and, no doubt, someone is already attempting it in his name... Just like these kids, we won't know about it until after the fact.

Sigh.. this is not the time in which I wanted to live~

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